Quality Management in Production- O M

Who should attend?

Production managers, production planners…

Why should you choose this course?

Are you a Production Manager and you are confronted daily with the constraints of customer requirements and expectations, the company's objectives, the legal and regulatory requirements? Do you have difficulties related to product quality, the quality of employment costs in the performance indicators? Free yourself from the burden of many of them. This course helps you understand many issues related to quality management in production, how to keep them under control, and even eliminate them. Once you understand a thing it is easier to manage it.

What is the structure of this course?

Chapter. 1:About Quality
Definition, Evolution. How to interpret quality.Chapter 2: Quality Management SystemsQuality Management Principles; Quality Management Systems;
Quality Management Standards; Documentation and implementation
Quality Management System CertificationChapter 3: Production Quality ManagementAdvanced Quality Management
Product and Process Development
Development Techniques used in Quality planning; Risk Analysis
Process Performance and Measurement Systems Analyses
Production Product ApprovalChapter 4: Production Quality control

Quality control of manufacturing processes
Self-control; Inspections; Statistical control; Techniques for avoiding mistakes

Chapter 5: Quality Strategic Management

Policies and Objectives; providing resources
Quality Measurement; Product Performance; Process Performance; Quality cost management; Product Audit Process
Lean Manufacturing; Kaizen; 5S

Chapter 6: Operational Quality Management

Processes based approach; Monitoring and measuring processes
Operational Standardization
The responsibility for quality
The role of multifunctional teams
Supplier- Internal Client Relationship
Customer Complaints Management
Quality training; Employee involvement in quality



Course date: 13-15 septembrie 2017; 20-22 octombrie 2017

Commercial conditions

Additional information on tel: 0726268256, 0727336314

For a group of 10-14 participants we can run an in-house course that can be delivered at your headquarter or in any location of your choice, on a mutually agreed date.



Adrian Craciun



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