Who should attend?

The course is for professionals who use negotiation on a daily basis (junior or senior buyers, sellers who want to know the negotiation techniques of opposing party) and all categories of staff, who, in their work are compelled to appeal to negotiating (HR, general managers etc) and who want a structured approach to the negotiation process.

Why should you choose this course?


For most people, negotiation is a matter of aptitudes and not a know-how. It is something that we are born with and that we can’t learn.

In fact, negotiation is based on know-how, it is a process that can be analyzed, understood, applied systematically and simplified in order to obtain results that have nothing to do with luck or the natural/intrinsic skills of negotiators.

Profiles and negotiation styles, pathways, procedures, decisions and negotiation strategies, tools, techniques and negotiation stratagems... the entire arsenal of a successful negotiation will no longer have secrets for the trainees.

What is the structure of this course?


Chapter 1: To be open and creative

Involvement in a professional network; types of social and professional networks

Economic intelligence and market survey

Job requirements and skills related to the job's creativity.


Chapter 2: The communication process

The need to be a good communicator

Types of communication channels

Active listening and effective transmission of a message

Adaptation to the interlocutor without diminishing the transmitted message

Non-verbal communication (Transactional analysis / body language)


Chapter 3: Assertiveness

Supporting your own views and convincing the interlocutors

Leadership development

The refusal, the demand and the critique


Chapter 4: Advanced Negotiation

Negotiation situations

Understanding the general force ratio between purchaser / seller and the importance of negotiation

The 6 specific reports of power in a negotiation

Analyzing the suppliers’/interlocutors’ offer for negotiations

Things to check

Topics to negotiate

Preparing for negotiation based on the analysis of the offers

Mandatory topics to address

Possible concessions

Determination/defining the objectives

Methods for defining goals and appropriate tactics of persuasion: 4 Steps, Push and pull...

Negotiation plan

Arguments, counterarguments, objections parade, concessions, ADB method

Levers of influence in order to support arguments

Tools available to the purchaser/negotiator for a successful negotiation

Tactics and stratagems during the negotiation

Decryption of position, role and objectives of the opposing party

Negotiation phases: the 4C (Knowledge, clarification, confrontation, Commitment)

Conducting the negotiation

Tracking the negotiation


Chapter 5: Blockages and getting out of blockages

Conflict and emotional involvement

The right behavior in case of an aggressive attitude from the opposing party

Avoiding conflict

Thwarting manipulative practices

Purchaser/seller personalities

Negotiation styles and behaviors in terms of commitment and cooperation

Effective/harmful behaviors - risks

Improving negotiation style

Analysis of the opposing party negotiation style and adapt to the given situation


Chapter 6: Intercultural and international dimension

Habits and characteristics of negotiation in the main countries in which buyers / sellers work: Europe (including Eastern Europe) China, Japan, USA, Turkey, Russia and FSU

Topics to be avoided in the discussions with a supplier for each country

Business cases /negotiation exercises (video)

Comment and analysis

Psychological tests of negotiation styles

Analyzing the negotiator profile of the trainees (self-assessment& 360°) / improvement trails



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Commercial conditions

Additional information on tel: 0726268256, 0727336314

For 6 participants enrolled we are offering 50% discount on the 7th participant.

For a group of 10-14 participants we can run an in-house course that can be delivered at your headquarter or in any location of your choice, on a mutually agreed date



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