Senior trainer and consultant with a professional experience of over 22 years in training trainers, management development, personal development (career management, motivation, time management, performance management), inter-personal and inter-organizationalcommunication.

Associate Lecturer for 5 years for “Fundamentals of Senior Management” at The Open University, UK, the MBA program. Trainer with over 7 years of experience in competency development: training, human resources, mentoring. Renaldo is a CODECS tutor for “Advanced Management” and “Human Resources Management” courses.

He graduated from the Master of Business Administration and holds a professional diploma in Management at The Open University, UK. He attended train the trainers, coaching and team development courses in Italy, France and Britain.

Education and professional certificates:

University studies

  • Bucharest Polytechnic Institute of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering Specialization (1986-1991)
  • The Open University Business School, Management, Professional Diploma in Management (1993-1997), United Kingdom

Postgraduate studies

  • The Open University Business School, Management, Master of Business Administration (MBA) (1999-2003), UK


  • Certified Trainer, Romanian Banking Institute


  • "Train the Trainers", TheOpen University Business School, UK
  • "Management of Small and Medium Enterprises" SCIENTER "Centro di Ricerche e Servizi per la Formazione Avanza", Bologna, Italy
  • "Executive Coaching for Teams" Metasystem, France
  • "Team Development" Metasystem, France
  • "Transactional Analysis in Organizations" Personal Skills Development
  • "Coaching in Training" RoCoach
  • "Coaching for Executive Teams” RoCoach


Professional experience:

  • Associate Lecturer - University of Bucharest, Faculty of Business and Administration
  • Senior Trainer and Consultant - DYNAMIS Brand Consulting S.R.L.
  • Associate Lecturer - The Open University Business School (OUBS)
  • Course Director - Codecs S.A.
  • MBA Program Director - Codecs S.A.
  • Director Business School - CODECS S.A.
  • Executive Director (Deputy General Manager) - CODECS SA
  • Head office of a senatorial bureau - Romanian Parliament, Bucharest Senate


  • Short Term Expert (Trainer) - For POSDRU / 93 / 3.3 / S / 62 277 FORTE - "Training for enduring social partnership", "Human Resource Management" course.
  • Short Term Expert (course author and trainer) - Within the project "Increasing administrative capacity to manage the processes of recruitment, selection, and evaluation of public officials in the context of increasing accountability framework for the management of public function" - code SMIS 35032, course "Train the trainers”.
  • Short Term Expert (Trainer) - Within the project "Romanian enterprises in the context of change - Program Training, consultancy and assistance to enterprises for promoting adaptability and the introduction of new organizational solutions SOP HRD / 81 / 3.2. / S / 55 465"courses "Financial Management "," Marketing Management “and "Management by objectives ".
  • Short Term Expert (courseauthor and trainer) - Within the project "Enhancing the capacity of civil servants from the Ministry of National Defense and the National Agency of Civil Servants to manage the processes of institutional and project strategic management in the context of the development and strengthening of the role of publicfunction, SMIS code 22857, “Human Resource Management" course.
  • Short Term Expert (course author and trainer) - Within the project "Development of knowledge and skills in the Payments Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries at the national level", "Strategic planning" course.
    Short Term Expert (course author and Trainer) - Within the project
  • Implementation of the e-learning training programs in public administration to support the development of the information society - financed by the ERDF under SOP "Increase of Economic Competitiveness ", SMIS code 4376, "Modern Public Management" course.
  • Short-term Expert - Within the program "Strengthening the capacity of INA and Regional Training Centers to develop a professional corps of civil servants. Specialized training program for civil servants in leading positions - RO2004 / 016-772. "Strategic planning " course.


Groups membership:

  • Member of the European Distance Education Network - EDEN (since 1994)
  • Member of the International Council for Distance Education - ICDE (1994)
  • Member of the European Foundation for Management Development - EFMD (2001)
  • Board member CODECS for Leadership Foundation (2004 - 2010)



  • Management Problems of the Newly Founded Distance Education Organization, 4thEuropean Distance Education Network Conference, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Developing the Network: Opportunities and Difficulties, 6th European Distance Education Network Conference, Poitiers, France
  • Techniques and methods in distance education, CODECS Publishing, Bucharest
    From "I" to "we" or Teamwork, "Manager" magazine,no. 1/2005 University of Bucharest Publishing House
  • Teamwork Management, University of Bucharest Publishing House, co-author
    Performance management and personal development training, course manual INA for public managers, author
  • Human resource management, training manual ANFP for ANFPand MAPN employees, co-author