Adrian has been working in design and development of management systems for over 30 years as a project leader or as a member of the project teams.

He is a trainer in Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management, Quality Tools and Techniques with ANC authorization, with experience in training and consulting for over 20 years. He provided training and consulting services to companies in the automotive industry and beyond.

Adrian is also an Expert Assessor within ANC.

Education and professional certificates:

University studies

  • Faculty of Engineering, Specialization- Machine Building Technology (1976-1980)
  • "Lucian Blaga", Faculty of Engineering, Department of Engineering Technology and Management (1994-1997)

Postgraduate studies

  • ICTCM Specialization: Reliability in Machine Building Industry
  • Territorial Center of Calculation, Analysis and design computer systems and industrial products, Specialization: Analyst Programmer


  • Auditor training–AlpesConseils, France
  • Building teams and teamwork - Minardo
  • Collaboration tools to streamline your teamwork - Quasaro
  • Internal audit system ISO 10011- ISO 9001 Quasaro
  • Third party audit for environmental management systems according to SR EN ISO 14001 - Quality Partner School
  • Solutions Specialization in Quality Management and Environment - BILSTEIN KRUPP-Werk, Germany
  • Internal auditors Environmental management systems - National Research Institute ECOIND
  • Internal audit QS 9000 quality system - Quasaro
  • Manager of Quality Management Systems - Management Consulting Group
  • CNFPA approved trainer - H & H Consulting

Professional experience:

  • Environmental QualityResponsible - Compa
  • Process Improvement Specialist - Compa
  • Production Manager - Compa
  • Expert Assessor– ANC
  • Quality Environment Security Director - Compa
  • Executive Director, Consultant, Trainer - Standard Consult
  • Head of Methods and Audit - Compa
  • Head of Product Control Process - Compa
  • Statistical Methods and Processes EmpowermentHead of Office - Compa
  • Responsible Quality Information System –Compa
  • Quality Analysis Department Director - Compa
  • Responsible service –Compa