COSTS, BUDGETS, FINANCES – Finance for non-financial managers

Who should attend?

Managers of any level

Why should you choose this course?

Understanding the usefulness of financial management in decision making
Application of financial analysis tools in forecasting and budgetary control for the achievement of performance indicators
The methods used in developing diagnostic profitability and risk




Chapter 1: Financial Management
Understanding the objective, functions and the role of financial management
The usefulness of financial management in decision making
Benefits and limitations of making decisions on financial information

Chapter 2. Management activities and available resources
Resources available for operational activities
Effective and efficient management of available resources

Chapter 3: Financial Statements
Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow
Structure and usefulness of financial statements

Planning, optimization and control of financial flows

Chapter 4: Evaluate performance using financial ratios
Liquidity ratio
Solvency ratio
Profitability ratio

Chapter 5: Cost control
Direct and indirect costs
Total cost and profitability of products/services
Variable costs and fixed costs
Contribution margin and commercial addition
Chapter 6: Costs and managerial decisions
The use of scarce resources
Chapter 7: The budget process
Forecasting, monitoring and implementation of the budget
Budget – a management tool
Budget planning methods: the incremental method, the zero-based budget, continuous budgeting
Budget Monitoring Methods: fixed budget, flexible budget
Analysis of budgetary deviations and corrective decision making


Chapter 8:  Planning, monitoring and control of financial performance

Benefits and limitations regarding performance evaluation by financial information
The impact of investment decisions
Risk analysis and risk management


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Mona Koos


"The course was held by a trainer with experience, it is an applicable and dynamic course. It is useful to anyone who has a managerial position. It helps to a better resource management. " Simea Sibiu

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