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Project PNDR – Burcel the knowledgeable

[row] [span12] Project: BURCEL THE KNOWLEDGEABLE Beneficiary: BEST SMART CONSULTING SRL ID: C1920011X103513900001/20.10.2017 Measure 19.2 "Support for the implementation of actions within the local development strategy" Measure 1 of the LAG services: "Acquiring innovative knowledge in production, management and marketing". Project financed by National Rural Development Program (NRDP) National Rural Development Program is implemented by…
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Industry 4.0, future jobs belong to the robots

It is normal for jobs to progress and adapt slightly over time, but considering that we are on the brink of industrial revolution 4.0, we are experiencing major changes and we, and especially fresh young people on the labor market, have to adapt to the new requirements. Stephen Hawking tells us that "Intelligence is the…
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[hr] [title_box title="WHO SHOULD ATTEND?" custom_class="curs"] Vibration maintenance is addressed to maintenance specialists from maintenance departments responsible for methods and technologies used to develop an optimal maintenance strategy. [title_box title="WHAT DOES THE COURSE INCLUDE?" custom_class="curs"] Developing skills of the dynamic machine specialist in implementing a new maintenance system for dynamic machines for: - Maintaining safe…
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