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We believe in professional courses
We believe in the power of the relations that we create
We believe in the change generated by our courses
We believe that what we do for our clients is profitable in the long term

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We are what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit - Aristotel

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Our mission is to be “SMART” in helping our business partners to become “BEST”.

Our vision is to generate new training and consultancy solutions that are based on research and data analysis to partner companies

We rely our services on case studies collected from the reality of business, the business environment and the experience of our experts.

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Accept-icon270 trainings sessions
Accept-icon10160 training hours
Accept-icon79% corporate clients
Accept-icon21% public administration clients
Accept-icon5360 clients from all areas, from Romania and Republic of Moldova


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Mirela Cristache - Production dept,  Arges area
Mirela Cristache - Production dept,
Arges area
Apa Nova, Bucharest
S- Special, well-structured, serious, souled
M- Motivated, magnificent,
A - Applicable, adjusted to the activities, absorbing
R- Relatable, resourceful, refreshing
T- Tenacious, tonic
Although we tend to give a negative interpretation to things in general, over time I have learned that everything in life has a meaning!
It happened also with this training- it had a MEANING:
- I understood that the analysis is very important, that it's good to know where you stand at any given point, in order to identify a clear direction for solving problems.
- I understood that communication is an important link within a team, that you will receive a result the same way you are transmitting it.
- I understood that you need to expand and improve the value of each team member.
- I understood that the Production Manager has to:
Dan Capitanu - Logistic Manager
Dan Capitanu - Logistic ManagerYazaki Component Technology
1. Why did you come to this training?To update my knowledge regarding the procurement practices and see the trends in the field.
2. With what pieces of information, knowledge have you left from the course?At the end of the course I gained the ability to structure and prepare a strategy in Acquisitions.
3. Say a few words about the trainer:An experienced buyer, he captured the audience by the way he delivered the presentation. And also with his presentation skills he managed to grab our attention.
4. To whom would you recommend the training?Recommended for Acquisitions Managers and Senior Buyers.
5. Why would you recommend this training?For the succinct presentation of the complex activities of a procurement department.
Cristina Schmidt – Buyer
Cristina Schmidt – BuyerKromberg & Schubert Romania Me SRL
1. Why did you come to this training?I came to this course with the desire to learn new things about procurement and to see to what extent can these things be applied within the company I work.
2. With what pieces of information, knowledge have you left from the course?New information on how to deal with suppliers and to how to get as many benefits after negotiating with them.
3. Say a few words about the trainer:The trainer has structured the course very well, he explained in detail its content and came with many examples, so the trainees were able to understand much easier the theory.
4. To whom would you recommend the training?To everybody who works in Procurement.
5. Why would you recommend this training?It is an interesting training from which the trainees can learn new things with immediate application.
6. Your opinion about BESTSMART in two words.A wonderful team! Congratulations BestSmart Consulting! I will recommend this team to all those interested.